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[09 Jun 2006|04:24pm]
damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn nigga
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[02 Jan 2006|07:00pm]


thats it bye
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[13 Sep 2005|06:25pm]
Well by the end of tonight i should be in Sanibel Island with the brother i havent seen in 3 years Im SIKED...its ginna be awesome we're staying in this mansion with an indoor swimming pool n shit so it should be niice....and also i miss my brother and i was soooo suprised when he called me and invited me..hah....well now im waiting for him to get here..its gonna be weird but ill get through it

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[25 Jul 2005|12:22pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

new s/n

what up cuhh

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[06 May 2005|08:57pm]

yeah so  i found these

Me back in the day


no way you were born at st. josephs too!!Collapse )

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[03 May 2005|11:45pm]
[ mood | loved ]


haha get a fuckin life

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[28 Apr 2005|10:08pm]
my mom is in the hospital
if i lose her i dont have anyone
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Wheres my fuckin olive [27 Apr 2005|08:29pm]

your face is my case

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a fake crisis [06 Apr 2005|06:02pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

And so today went by kind of fast...my mom spoils me she really does..like on Saturday we went shopping and she bought me this 50$ purse..it's cute but its not hott all so it could go with a 12$ shirt...daaamn right?..pff it's her money...im going to have to sit with my moms lawyer and my dads lawyer soon and tell then why my dad shouldnt get visitation rights...i dont want too i mean what if i say the wrong thing and backfires on me and my mom gets in trouble..and then where does that leave me?...well lets just hope i dont shiat in my pantolones


hott pictorialCollapse )

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[03 Apr 2005|10:16pm]

So i get a phone call from my mom and she's coming back from the laywers and i find out that Mindy ...this lady I work with , a woman who puts a smile on my face everyday, a person that makes me pee in my pants from laughing so hard is going through the same thing I did...and then there's meagan her daughter, ...this saturday im supposed to do make-up at a party and mindy's husband doesnt allow meagan to sleep over anywhere and he gets abusive..but mindy and meagan are both sleeping over on Saturday...it made me cry for someone to look up to me like that..and for meagan and mindy for having to go through that..i love them soo much i really broke down when i heard what they were going through..i dunno i fucking hate it cuz i love them so much...

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Kingdoms will Fall [03 Apr 2005|05:34pm]

Today i get called down to the office and im sitting there and i almost shiat in my pants cuz i thought they were gonna kick me out of school..but my counsler just wanted to see how i was doing..and w/e so I talked to her..I guess after i left her office she called my mom and told her that I look like a very angry girl..hah that made me laugh and think at the same time yeah Im fricken mad at life but everyone gets mad at some part of their life, it's only human. I  didnt really think I showed it that much though. So umm yeah my mom is kinda awesome..she hired a private investigator, the same one who found out that, that lion didnt attack the cops...remember a couple of months back that lion that escaped or w/e...well yeah he proved that the lion didnt attack the cops and just shot the lion for no goddamn reason..lamme.but anyways yea so she hired that guy to like spy on my dad i guess i dunno really..i just know she's supposed meet with him today..also something else i overheard my mom talking to my madrina and she was talking about Kristian's (my sis) dad and how she talked to him and how she told him that she dreams about him..well that jsut fucking pist me off what the hell is she gonna do he's a fucking married man wtf ..i mean it's bad enough that she had Kristian with a married man but now she's flirting with him again fuck damn shit..it pissed me off..overall i had a good day and now ill steal two things from Diana

"im sweating worse than R Kelly at the kids choice award"

Yea its sideways biatch



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[03 Apr 2005|05:23pm]

Ok forget beauty_x_horror

Im just gonna make this journal friends only....complicated...laammme

Comment to be added

let's get this right

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[01 Apr 2005|08:04am]

Ok so ill refrase it comment to be added hhah tuuurds



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[08 Mar 2005|08:56pm]
yea fuck this shit..whatever i dont care anymore
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Soy el capitan [08 Mar 2005|02:35pm]

My morning has consisted of talking to andres, erich and brian..im half awake because of sudaffed the legal depressant haha..and o yea i just got a new phone and im already over my txting limit...erich no more txt you whiile you are "working" mkay...my nose hurts..and i want to go to chicago..i want to go eat snow off of my backyard deck again. I want to go to cascade mountain so that i can try to snowboard. im geting a pimple on my nose and it hurts. this another pointless post. really the only reason im writing is because im bored...werd...hahah i love brian for keeping me occupied for the past 5 hours with convo...o yea sorry kainoa uhh for not writing in this thing when you wanted me too...anywayz i think i gtg to work but i think im not going....


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[06 Mar 2005|09:34pm]

New cell: 954-319-1712

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[01 Mar 2005|07:27pm]

The past few days have been extremely good!! and it's not just because sara and i went undie shopping or that ryan and i are going to have a fantastic time this weekend or that today is my birthday and im finally 17 ...i guess there's just been a good wind in the air you know?..ive had this kinda spiritual lifting..if you may..where things dont weigh down on me so much..as they used too and I love it!! I also met someone that I know i can call a very very close friend with time which is always nice..

Ashley Teresse

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Sammy sosa..whats that!?!?! [27 Feb 2005|01:58pm]

So lately ive been working my ass off I got like 40 hours in 4 days..yea 10 hour work days.....and Brian left for new york on...weds..and i was missing him and shit and so I went shopping...I spent 400$ worth at A|X truuuuueee...and I got home and I talked to Brian and turns out he has A|X too hah awesome...and of course I had to take pix of myself in muh new clothes...but ill post that shit later..school starts again on monday and my birthday is tuesday fun no? o yea and i got hit on by a black guy, o snap shit was weiiird...he was all like yea i like all types of females but none of that "oh yea i used to be a guy but now im a women" that's just gaay...hahah

A- Sammy Sosa=black domincan=all dominicans are black=ashleycantbedominicanbecauseshe'snot black=FALSE!!!!!!

B- WTF is a sammy sosa

A- You dont kno who sammy sosa is!?!?!

B- J/K


you spent 400$ like it's going out of style...trrruuueee Collapse )

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[24 Feb 2005|12:04pm]
[ mood | awake ]



watch it...

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I watched me angel leaf fall from my tree [16 Jan 2005|12:29pm]

So yesterday I found out that all my old friends from FP have myspace...haha they ended up finding me.... so I log on and it's like 10 new messages....and i was like o shit....I havent seen these ppl in like 3 years...It felt really good to talk to them....like...hey remember when I stole a candy bar from walgreens..even though i had money to buy it, i was just gonna steel it and the french guy that worked there suspected me of it and told me to take off my coat..and he didnt find anything..and how everyone was soo scared cuz we were like 11 and thought we were gonna get arrested..or remember on 4th of july when we lit TJ's garage on fire and me and jimmy took a garden hose to try and put it out..but then the firefighter's came...or when we went to Aresselies...and just took donuts off the counter and started eating everything in the bakery and told the spanish guy we'd pay him tommorow..and never returned...or remeber when Ariana made me laugh when i was drinking sprite and i started choking and everyone was like OMG she's dying..and then I passed out...or when david raven and I went to Haley Beathkes house and she got butt-naked in front of us w/o any warning..or when haley went to matt bells house and sprinkled salt all over his yard and layed in the middle of the street w/ candles surrounding her...or when Katie L. tried commiting suicide by jumping out of a basement window?!?!....or when Mike Murphys dad died of a cocaine overdose..just like Haley's dad did...and what did Mike do..he got blezed that night and i decided not to be his friend..because if he died I couldnt handle it.... Or when the neighbor's called the cops because my dad was choking me and all I could do was cry when the cops put him in handcuffs in front of my house and jeremy and neko rode by and all i could think was great..now everyone will know..or when morgan and i thought we were soo cool cuz we listened to korn in 4th grade...or remember when a whole bunch of us had a snowball fight and Vinnie got on top of me and tried kissing me and so i kicked him in the nuts in the freezing cold hah....or when we used to snow board off of the barn next to the church...or when we used to go train jumping cuz there was always a freight going through FP...or during railroad daze!!....or when angelo's mom got into the community pool and litteraly overflooded it because she was so fat...or when i met peter hudgins and was so afraid to talk to him cuz he was so popular and older then me...and now i find out that he liked me and regretted not talking to me before i moved to Fl...gahh?!!?...and how i miss justen hamilton cuz he was the coolest guy ever and he moved in 5th grade..or Adis cuz he moved from Turkey to our school at 12 and we thought he was great....or after september 11th when Amal got in front of the school and told everyone how greatfull he was to be in America..after seeing his father get shot in Turkey....and he was afraid that he would get deported after sep. 11th...there wasnt a dry eye in the assembly room...or when Ariana got her license and got into a accident the same day...or how i loved walking home with Jimmy Arnett every day cuz i had known him since kinder and even till 8th gr...we still  walked home together.....soo what kind of post would this be w/o a picture ehh....

pendeho...yeah?!?!..what jimmy said mhmCollapse )

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